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Martin G. Moore is unlike any other leadership speaker. He’s a no-nonsense communicator who has harnessed the deep experience of his 30+ year career as a corporate executive to cut through the mountains of fluff and clichés that dominate leadership today.

Going way beyond simply motivating and inspiring, Moore unravels the mystique of leadership for his audience. He challenges every individual to shift their perspective, providing practical strategies to improve their leadership performance the moment they leave the conference room.

Moore is an authoritative thought leader, with the credibility and track record to back up his words: as CEO of multi-billion-dollar company, CS Energy, he led a remarkable turnaround, growing earnings (EBITDA) from $17 million to $441 million, a compound annual growth rate of 125%.

Since leaving corporate life in 2018, Moore has established one of the top global podcasts, No Bullsh!t Leadership, which has achieved over 4 million downloads in 150+ countries. His book of the same name is a Wall Street Journal bestseller, and he has trained leaders from companies like Google, Dell, Nike, slack, Disney, IBM, the LA Kings, BHP, Pfizer and Diageo, to name a few.

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Why don’t the billions of dollars we spend every year on leadership development seem to make a difference?

Traditional approaches and conventional wisdom don’t work anymore.

Aspirational leadership values aren’t the answer. Leadership is hard and having the strength to do what it takes is the key to unlocking extraordinary levels of team performance.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to focus only on the things that matter most
  • How to become confident in high conflict situations
  • How to drive single-point accountability for execution excellence

This keynote will fundamentally change the way your leaders think about their role!



Every market goes through cycles, and the market for talent is no different.

When the labor market gets hot, it’s even more important to ensure you attract and retain the right people.

People most commonly choose to leave their jobs as a direct consequence of poor leadership.

Better leaders = less leavers!

Key takeaways include:

  • What really motivates your people
  • How to articulate your Employee Value Proposition
  • How to identify which roles and individuals are critical to team performance

The war for talent will be with us for some time, and it won’t be good enough to simply react to the choices your people make. This keynote gives practical guidance for leading your people so that the best ones stay!



Almost 40% of workers think that burnout is an inevitable part of success. Even more troubling is the research that found nearly 70% of the C-suite are seriously considering quitting for a job that better supports their well-being.

How can people at every level of an organization be so stretched and overwhelmed that they consider themselves to be burnt out? Something has to change in the way we work.

This keynote unlocks the strategies that will help you to fix burnout and keep it at bay for good.

Learn how to:

  • Only spend time on the most valuable leadership tasks
  • Shift your mindset so that you’re out of panic mode and into calm, strategic mode
  • Work at the level you’re meant to work at

This keynote delivers practical tools and approaches that enable leaders to get control of their workload, and move forward with strength and confidence.

What Leaders Say About Martin’s Impact

The quality of Martin’s content, paired with the practical supporting tools that allows one to put the theory into practice far exceeded my expectations. I’m starting to see a big shift in mindset and behaviour from every leader.

Sue McGill
SVP of Innovation

Martin’s keynote exceeded my expectations! It was engaging, insightful and relevant. You will be very fortunate to have Martin speak at your event.

Luciano Manzo
President & CEO
Scott McConnell

Martin’s keynote was highly engaging and unique. He brings to life real scenarios that make everyday situations relatable.

Scott McConnell
Executive General Manager Group Engineering

Marty is a doer, not just a thinker or a sayer. Leaders in my team who have attended many prior leadership events loved hearing from Marty and reported that his no bullsh!t style resonated. I’ve heard changes in leadership language, and importantly witnessed changes in leadership behaviour since the event.

Michelle James
Non-Executive Director, Head of North Injuries, Queensland Injuries and Abuse Law

Never has an external leadership speaker ranked higher than all of our internal speakers. Martin set a new standard for our organization.

Jeff McKee
Group Chief Executive Officer

Getting Marty to work with your team is great if you want to inspire your people to lift to the next level.

Michael Gillespie
Group Chief Digital & Technology Officer