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Businesses everywhere are facing a critical inflection point. The rapid rise of technology and the retreat from globalization are challenging even the most robust, proven business models.

At the same time, people are more dissatisfied than they’ve ever been. The Great Resignation, Bare Minimum Mondays and Quiet Quitting are just symptoms of a much deeper problem. And the harder you try to keep your people happy, the unhappier and more entitled they become!

Weak and ineffective leadership has driven people to become cynical and disengaged, creating a culture of mediocrity and apathy, where only 23% of employees genuinely trust their senior leaders.

In an effort to claw back this trust and improve results, companies continue to blindly spend $400 billion every year on leadership development, in the hope that something, somehow will change!

Let’s face it… it’s not changing!</span


I know what it really takes to get results.

I spent twenty years as a corporate executive and, because I worked across a number of industries, I couldn’t rely on deep technical knowledge: instead, I had to work out how to get results through my people.

With a laser-like focus on value, I developed a suite of practical tools and strategies that strip away the management facade, and cut to the chase: a high-performance leadership system that harnesses the collective talent of your people, and sets you up for unparalleled performance.

And it works: as CEO of a multi-billion-dollar energy company, I grew earnings from $17 million to $441 million in just 5 years. That’s a compound annual growth rate of 125%, which is almost unheard of.

This high performance formula is now revealed in my Wall Street Journal bestselling book, No Bullsh!t Leadership.


Every week, I reach tens of thousands of leaders across the globe with my No Bullsh!t Leadership podcast, helping them to navigate their leadership challenges, and unshackle their team’s talent to reach new levels of performance.

These practical tools and proven strategies will unlock your potential: to overcome your fear of conflict, enabling you to provide the type of leadership your people are longing for… to look upwards and outwards, instead of living in the weeds … to make better decisions, faster… to hold people individually accountable, and at the same time empower them to achieve more than even they thought possible.

Everyone wants to be on a winning team, and No Bullsh!t Leaders have the confidence and capability to take their people to new levels of performance.

Weak leaders lower the standard to meet the performance. Strong leaders lift the performance to meet the standard.

Martin G Moore