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Want To Be Successful? Pull Your Weight!

Want To Be Successful? Pull Your Weight!

There are fundamentally two types of people in the world: lifters and leaners. Lifters carry the burden for themselves and others… they take on more accountability than the average person, and they don’t rely on anyone else to make things happen.

And leaners? Well they’re happy to let the lifters do the work!

My observation is that anyone who’s genuinely successful (and I’m not talking about people with power, status, and money… I’m talking about people who have a deep resounding happiness and sense of worth, in all areas of their lives) is a lifter!

From the earliest available opportunity, you want to adopt the mentality and mindset of a lifter. Like everything in life, you get to choose your path, and make it happen… or not!

So what distinguishes lifters from learners?

Lifters make things happen. Michael Jordan is quoted as saying, “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and some make it happen!”. Lifters don’t bitch and moan—they just get on with it! 

Lifters take accountability. In times of great uncertainty, and when success is least assured, lifters step in to fill that void–everyone else sits around looking at each other. Who’s going to take the lead? A lifter, that’s who!

Lifters have an internal locus of control. They feel as though they can have a significant influence over the variables in their environment… They’re not victims, and they don’t have a scarcity mentality–they have an abundance mentality: the sense of being able to shape their own future.

Lifters believe that, with great privilege comes great responsibility. They feel the obligation to use any gifts they might have for the good of those around them.

Lifters use their energy and confidence to lift others up. They have the positive energy and measured confidence that affects everyone around them.

Lifters take calculated risks. They’re not meek but, equally, they’re not cavalier. They assess the risk of any situation, and make it clear where they stand.

Lifters don’t wait to see which way the wind is blowing. They put their opinions forward courageously, no matter who’s in the room… 

Lifters are “in the arena”. They take action, and they’re prepared to risk failure in the quest of accomplishing something great.

Lifters don’t resent the extra work and effort. They tend to work harder, and commit more wholeheartedly than others do, but they don’t get bitter and twisted about that fact.

Lifters hate the thought of leaning on others. They won’t rely on someone else to do the work that they know is theirs to do. They shoulder that burden willingly, and don’t push it onto someone else, just because it might be easier that way.

Lifters love the fact that they have to struggle for everything they earn. They know that the struggle is an essential part of the process… To achieve true satisfaction, happiness, and self-esteem, they know that it comes from the fact that whatever they have, they’ve earned

Lifters don’t take handouts. They don’t look for shortcuts… and they don’t leech off society.

I‘m not going to go into what leaners do… we’ll leave that for them to work out. Everything you have to do to be a lifter is already here. If you want to be successful, start by pulling your weight!

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