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  • Want To Be Successful? Pull Your Weight!

    Want To Be Successful? Pull Your Weight!

    There are fundamentally two types of people in the world: lifters and leaners. Lifters carry the burden for themselves and others… they take on more accountability than the average person, and they don’t rely on anyone else to make things happen. And leaners? Well they’re happy to let the lifters do the work! My observation […]

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  • Building a Culture of Healthy Disagreement

    Building a Culture of Healthy Disagreement

    One of the things that characterizes a high-performing team is the ability to withstand and harness the value that lies in healthy disagreement. A few weeks ago, my TED talk was released, where I spoke about The Surprising Power of Constructive Conflict. It’s definitely worth 11:33 of your time to watch this. In the absence […]

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  • Are You Chasing Attributes, or Competencies?

    Are You Chasing Attributes, or Competencies?

    There are literally thousands of articles and posts written every week about the attributes of great leaders. Humility, Transparency, Fallibility, Integrity. Although it’s fun and interesting to muse on these attributes, they lack clarity.  If you actually decided that you wanted to take action to develop one of these attributes, where would you start? What […]

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  • Do Your Own Job

    Do Your Own Job

    It’s important to understand that the object of the exercise, at any level, and in any organization, is to get the best results you can with the resources you’ve been given (money, assets, people, time). And, at each new leadership level that you’re promoted to, the term best results is defined differently. In broad terms, […]

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  • Where Stress Meets Performance

    Where Stress Meets Performance

    We generally talk about stress like it’s a bad thing. Putting people under stress is something that many leaders try to avoid. Why? Well, if you put people under stress, then maybe they’ll feel bad and won’t like you anymore. And because of our natural conflict aversion, we want our people to like us. We […]

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  • Why you shouldn't just do it

    Why You Shouldn’t ‘Just Do It!’

    Have you ever questioned your boss about a particular task, and at the end of a brief exchange, he simply says: “Look, just do it, OK?”  I call these leaders “Nike bosses”, for obvious reasons. Although I’m sure no one sets out to become a Nike boss, sometimes it’s simply the product of a leader […]

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  • Success starts when you set expectations

    Success Starts When You Set Expectations

    It can be a little daunting to take on a new role, especially when it’s at a higher level than the roles you’ve previously held.  And it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been promoted internally, or you’ve been appointed from outside the company: you need to set strong expectations right from the get go. It’s really […]

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  • Does Your Education Determine Your Opportunities?

    Does Your Education Determine Your Opportunities?

    Your formal qualifications are your ticket to the dance. You can’t practice as a lawyer, a doctor, or an electrician unless you’ve been accredited by a reputable academic institution, as having successfully navigated a process learning and critical assessment. It tells potential employers two things: the first is that you’ve managed to achieve a basic […]

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  • The Power of Transparent Leadership

    The Power of Transparent Leadership

    They say that the best disinfectant is sunlight, and I’m a huge believer in that principle. If my direct reports in corporate heard it once they heard it a thousand times: transparency is everything.  When there’s any bad behavior behind closed doors, bringing it into the light and dealing with it appropriately is critical to […]

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  • Overcoming the Need to be Liked

    Overcoming the Need to be Liked

    Why is it so difficult to get over the need to be liked? Because it’s completely ingrained… it’s programmed into all of us. It’s part of our DNA and it’s controlled by our reptilian brain. It’s an instinctive response.  Back in the day, it was all about survival. If you were cast out of the […]

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