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  • Is Your Team Addicted to Crisis?

    Is Your Team Addicted to Crisis?

    Well-run businesses can be boring. They don’t experience frequent crises and they don’t encounter surprises at every turn. Why? Because the leaders understand risk, and they plan accordingly, avoiding the majority of disasters that other companies are routinely forced to face.  As you may know, I started my career in IT, well before this was […]

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  • When Should You Outsource?

    When Should You Outsource?

    We outsource a lot of things, in business and in life. How do we decide what to outsource, and what to do ourselves? In the 1990s, outsourcing became all the rage, particularly in the IT industry, where I was working. But the principles behind outsourcing have their roots in the economic theory of comparative advantage, […]

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  • Ban These 5 Words from Your Corporate Values

    Ban These 5 Words from Your Corporate Values

    This post is inspired by an article that Denise Lee Yohn had published in Harvard Business Review in 2018. And, I defy anyone to read that headline and not feel compelled to read the article. Yohn drew on research from hundreds of companies, finding that 90% of all corporate values statements have the words “ethical” […]

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