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  • Why you shouldn't just do it

    Why You Shouldn’t ‘Just Do It!’

    Have you ever questioned your boss about a particular task, and at the end of a brief exchange, he simply says: “Look, just do it, OK?”  I call these leaders “Nike bosses”, for obvious reasons. Although I’m sure no one sets out to become a Nike boss, sometimes it’s simply the product of a leader […]

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  • Is Your Team Addicted to Crisis?

    Is Your Team Addicted to Crisis?

    Well-run businesses can be boring. They don’t experience frequent crises and they don’t encounter surprises at every turn. Why? Because the leaders understand risk, and they plan accordingly, avoiding the majority of disasters that other companies are routinely forced to face.  As you may know, I started my career in IT, well before this was […]

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  • Why Do Leaders Believe Their Own Bullsh!t?

    Why Do Leaders Believe Their Own Bullsh!t?

    What are the drivers that make senior leaders so prone to believing their own bullshit? There are several psychological factors at play.  The first factor is that we all want people to think that we’re capable and competent. We want to seem as though we have the answers. And we want to appear noble and […]

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  • From Individual Contributor to Leader

    From Individual Contributor to Leader

    A great documentary was made several years ago called Back and Forth, which chronicled the formation and rise to stardom of the rock band, the Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl, the band’s founder, and the former drummer of legendary grunge band, Nirvana, had transitioned to front man. He was the Foo Fighters lead singer and guitarist. […]

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  • The Risks and Ramifications Of Office Romances

    The Risks Of Office Romances

    How do you, as a leader, set appropriate boundaries in your work relationships? How do you strike the balance between establishing trust-based, caring relationships with your people, and maintaining professional distance?  Call me overly-cautious, but I’ve come to the view over the years that leaders simply should not have romantic relationships in the workplace.  I […]

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  • Accountability culture

    Blaming Others Doesn’t Help

    Blaming others when something doesn’t go to plan is one of the most insidious (and unfortunately, most common) leadership behaviors. It’s a cancer in your culture that has to be eradicated.  When a leader tolerates the blame game, excuses become the norm, and organizational politics thrives.  I came to believe over time that excuses are […]

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  • Permissive leaders make people unproductive and unhappy

    Permissive Leaders Make People Unproductive AND Unhappy

    I’ve seen the devastating effects of laissez-faire leaders. They seem to think that if you keep people happy, they’ll naturally give you their best work. In my experience, this is almost never the case. You’ll recognize a permissive or weak leader because they’ll verbalize it in some pretty standard ways. Just make a little note […]

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  • What does a great decision-making culture look like

    What Does a Great Decision-Making Culture Look Like?

    Great leaders set an appropriate decision-making culture. People need to know, for a start, that robust challenge is expected and rewarded, not frowned upon and suppressed. You have to be able to challenge each other, and the people around you need to be able to challenge you as a decision-maker, if you want to bring […]

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  • Why is respect before popularity so crucial

    Why Is Respect Before Popularity So Crucial?

    If you need to be liked, and you have aspirations to be a leader, you’re going to find yourself in trouble pretty quickly. Virtually everything you do as a leader puts you into a potential conflict situation. Seeking popularity will stunt your leadership growth, dull your decision-making, and feed your tendency to procrastinate. Popularity doesn’t […]

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  • Why most leaders avoid hard conversations

    Why Most Leaders Avoid Hard Conversations

    Why do so many leaders choose to avoid hard conversations? In my experience, it’s much more about a lack of will than a lack of skill. Let’s face it, it’s not that hard to avoid them. For a start, it’s likely that your leader isn’t having the hard conversations with you, so you won’t feel […]

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