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  • Do You Want To Be Right? Or Successful?

    Do You Want To Be Right? Or Successful?

    Being right Isn’t everything – it’s just a good start. I came up with this expression many years ago when I worked with an incredibly intelligent executive who struggled to get the outcomes she should have been able to easily achieve. She just couldn’t get buy-in from the people she led. Many leaders like to […]

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  • Great Leaders Are Great Negotiators

    Great Leaders Are Great Negotiators

    Everyone thinks they know how to negotiate. Let’s face it, our negotiating skills are honed from birth, as we tussle with our parents to try to convince them to do what we want them to. We learn from a position of low power how to influence someone with greater power. Despite this, I learned a […]

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  • Push Back or Burn Out

    Push Back or Burn Out

    More and more leaders are telling me that they’re totally burnt out. The factors behind the increasing levels of work stress are many and varied – burnout is a complex issue, and it’s become a really hot topic in the last couple of years. I’m pretty confident, though, that if you apply a couple of […]

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  • Building Professional Credibility

    Building Professional Credibility

    Whatever you try to achieve as a leader relies, at least to some extent, on your credibility. If you have strong personal credibility, it makes everything you do inordinately easier. Credibility galvanizes your team… it instills confidence in the people above you… and it ultimately becomes an integral part of your leadership brand. Without it, […]

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  • Presenting For Impact

    Presenting For Impact

    We’ve all sat in meeting rooms where we’ve been subjected to death by PPT. For every leader, the ability to present information in a compelling, interesting way is your basic table stakes: it should be a vital element of your core leadership competencies. The good news is, it’s never been easier to put together a […]

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  • Do Your Own Job

    Do Your Own Job

    It’s important to understand that the object of the exercise, at any level, and in any organization, is to get the best results you can with the resources you’ve been given (money, assets, people, time). And, at each new leadership level that you’re promoted to, the term best results is defined differently. In broad terms, […]

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  • It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

    It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

    I know that the phrase, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, is a tired old cliche… but it just seemed to be appropriate for this moment.  And I can speak with some authority on the matter, at least, because I ran a few marathons back in the good old days: I’m talking about the days […]

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  • Why you shouldn't just do it

    Why You Shouldn’t ‘Just Do It!’

    Have you ever questioned your boss about a particular task, and at the end of a brief exchange, he simply says: “Look, just do it, OK?”  I call these leaders “Nike bosses”, for obvious reasons. Although I’m sure no one sets out to become a Nike boss, sometimes it’s simply the product of a leader […]

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  • Success starts when you set expectations

    Success Starts When You Set Expectations

    It can be a little daunting to take on a new role, especially when it’s at a higher level than the roles you’ve previously held.  And it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been promoted internally, or you’ve been appointed from outside the company: you need to set strong expectations right from the get go. It’s really […]

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  • Roadmap to the C-Suite

    Roadmap to the C-Suite

    There are many ways to end up in the C-suite. Probably the most common, and the most reliable, is to join a company where you start in a technical role as say, an accountant, lawyer, or analyst etc. and work your way up.  So you just work hard, and wait for your promotions.  In larger […]

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