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  • The Risks and Ramifications Of Office Romances

    The Risks Of Office Romances

    How do you, as a leader, set appropriate boundaries in your work relationships? How do you strike the balance between establishing trust-based, caring relationships with your people, and maintaining professional distance?  Call me overly-cautious, but I’ve come to the view over the years that leaders simply should not have romantic relationships in the workplace.  I […]

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  • Mastering Your Mindset

    Mastering Your Mindset

    As a leader, if you don’t want your business to suffer the impact of poor decisions that are driven by fear, it’s useful to be able to recognize the triggers that indicate you’re in a fear response state. If you can sense, and then short-circuit your physiological reactions as they arise, you’ll be in a […]

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  • Changing a culture is not for the faint-hearted

    Changing a Culture is Not for the Faint-Hearted

    I used to say that, with any team, nothing happens unless a leader makes it happen. But, to be more accurate, I now say that nothing different happens unless a leader makes it happen! A leader… that’s you, right!? To make any serious change requires a change of culture—the way we do things around here—and […]

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  • When to part ways with a poor performer

    When To Part Ways With a Poor Performer

    How do you know when the right time is to let someone go? It’s a significant decision that you shouldn’t make lightly, because you know it’s going to have a major impact on their life? The time to make the decision is… as soon as you know. We all know the inevitable answer long before […]

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  • high-performance culture

    Unlocking True Capability

    Leadership drives culture, culture drives performance. This statement concisely describes the outcome that we’re ultimately trying to achieve as leaders. The primary function of a leader is to create and maintain a culture that’s conducive to performance excellence… a culture where every individual is committed to giving their best every day.  Culture is simply, the […]

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  • Office Politics

    How To Spot a Political Animal

    I lived the rough and tumble of corporate politics in many companies and I can tell you, it’s no fun. Politics can undo you – even if you’re operating with good intent, and doing everything right. On one level, politics can be seen simply as a process of influencing, but on another, it can be […]

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  • Decision Fatigue

    Struggling With Simple Decisions?

    Is decision fatigue a thing? I’ve heard the expression used quite a bit over the last few years. The theory is that, during the course of every day, our brains are forced to make thousands of decisions, big and small. The cumulative effect of all these decisions is mental fatigue, which can then result in […]

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  • The purpose of leadership

    The Purpose of Leadership

    We sometimes forget what the true purpose of leadership is. It’s not to entertain your people during their working hours, and it’s not to focus on helping them to live their best lives. The higher up you go in any organization, the less you can achieve yourself, and the more you need to rely on […]

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  • What does a great decision-making culture look like

    What Does a Great Decision-Making Culture Look Like?

    Great leaders set an appropriate decision-making culture. People need to know, for a start, that robust challenge is expected and rewarded, not frowned upon and suppressed. You have to be able to challenge each other, and the people around you need to be able to challenge you as a decision-maker, if you want to bring […]

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