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  • Roadmap to the C-Suite

    Roadmap to the C-Suite

    There are many ways to end up in the C-suite. Probably the most common, and the most reliable, is to join a company where you start in a technical role as say, an accountant, lawyer, or analyst etc. and work your way up.  So you just work hard, and wait for your promotions.  In larger […]

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  • Emotional Resilience in Corporate Chaos

    Emotional Resilience in Corporate Chaos

    I went through some incredibly disruptive events during my corporate career – and it’s fair to say that some of them pushed me to the edge of my personal capacity. My pattern in times of extreme turmoil was to neglect my health. I’d replace my 5:00 AM run with another hour of sleep, and my […]

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  • Mastering Your Mindset

    Mastering Your Mindset

    As a leader, if you don’t want your business to suffer the impact of poor decisions that are driven by fear, it’s useful to be able to recognize the triggers that indicate you’re in a fear response state. If you can sense, and then short-circuit your physiological reactions as they arise, you’ll be in a […]

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  • Why is respect before popularity so crucial

    Why Is Respect Before Popularity So Crucial?

    If you need to be liked, and you have aspirations to be a leader, you’re going to find yourself in trouble pretty quickly. Virtually everything you do as a leader puts you into a potential conflict situation. Seeking popularity will stunt your leadership growth, dull your decision-making, and feed your tendency to procrastinate. Popularity doesn’t […]

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  • Why most leaders avoid hard conversations

    Why Most Leaders Avoid Hard Conversations

    Why do so many leaders choose to avoid hard conversations? In my experience, it’s much more about a lack of will than a lack of skill. Let’s face it, it’s not that hard to avoid them. For a start, it’s likely that your leader isn’t having the hard conversations with you, so you won’t feel […]

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